Our best references are those left by the artists who exhibit with us and of course our audience.


It is frankly impressive how little by little the gallery is appearing in important fairs around the world, very clear proof of the great work that both the gallery and the artists who work and collaborate with it are doing. Congratulations!.

Antonio J.G. Grande

An art gallery...

Well, with only three years of existence, this diverse place seems like an art gallery where they face the 'crisis' of the market with imagination and using artists not exempt from creativity. Rather, Sky Art's is a good space to find things that will surprise us to a great extent... Photographers, painters, illustrators or sculptors can also come and offer their works for contemplation (and criticism). Those responsible for the center know how to square the circle and thus continue to promote diverse but interesting bets. In addition, when it is feasible, they travel with the works of different authors to international fairs and events; Barcelona is only the starting point of his broad visions.

Santiago Murillo Guillén, historian and art critic.

Provocative and unsettling

I really liked your exhibition, I saw it yesterday, provocative and disturbing, it dislodges the senses. Thanks for sharing, Sky Gallery Art's!

Rodolfo Domingo, artist.

Thank you

It is beautiful to open the doors of its premises to artists so that they feel the motivation and energy of the growth of collective and social participation, only that for some, distance is an impediment impossible to overcome. For his good attitude on behalf of many. Thank you.

Alexis Guin, artist.