"Els colors del estiu II"
16/09 - 03/10/21

Projects that really tell the story of the artistic life of our art. A very varied and free joint project of artists, without themes. PROVOCATIVE EXHIBITION, contrasted by the diversity of art presented, the opportunity to exhibit alongside great masters and the power to make the public integrate into a very curious story of artist creation.

"Viaja en sueños"
1/9 - 31/10/21

We never know our destiny, nor our future, but if we manage to see a little further, thanks to a beautiful sunrise in its beauty in the rising sun, between the iron bars of the station that, looking in the direction you want, are lost in the horizon.
A noisy world between deaf thoughts, a dream world, traveling without traveling, a single planet in an overpopulated universe, watching the trains depart, leaving with them, we run kilometers without moving, we live thousands of adventures, between the humid forest and art sculptural, the architecture of iron and old bricks, do not stop contemplating us in our coming and going from their veteran innocence.

"Con toda libertad"
20/05 - 09/06/21

As Breton and Trotsky wrote, “It will never be more opportune to brandish this declaration against those who pretend to subjugate intellectual, artistic or cultural activities. The free choice of any theme or creation without restrictions elevates any work of art, to an unexplored field for an artist as a unique and original good”.
The freedom to imagine, create and distribute without censorship, creativity is fundamental in artists. They empower the ideas they dream of, within their own mind or the world around them. His art between curiosity, his technique and imagination, create unique works each telling a different and curious story with beauty that the human being tries to find models or generate ideas that produce favorable feelings.

"Sin censura"

Sensuality is a natural sensation that stimulates attraction, the emotional reaction towards the observer who looks at the works with curiosity, detail, fervor and passion. In this topic, sometimes hidden and taboo, you gradually realize the magnetism that emerges in each work, be it photography, sculpture, painting or collage that immerses you in a natural and simple world.
We can look, but not see, but none It will leave you indifferent, awakening your two sides (interior and exterior), your deepest thoughts and dreams. Let's see the forms as a path that leads us to sensations, perfections and emotions, from the face to the feet. A simple drawing, its nature, its color and its textures transport us to our most intense memories.
The power of art, presented in this exhibition made up of different artists, makes us free in the passions of all the characters that the works reflect for us, what we have in front of us. All this in a beautiful way, with quality, without hurting anyone's morality.

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