Participation in our contests is open to all people, amateurs or professionals of photography, who are authors of the images presented and own the rights to them. Gallery staff, friends or family members cannot participate.

Illustration biennial

Digital art is created using a computer support (computer screen, tablet...) as a base and a series of computer tools that can imitate the forms, techniques and styles of traditional painting or, on the contrary, create new pictorial concepts for then be printed on different traditional media such as paper or canvas, so technology basically consists of an instrument that enables creation, and in that sense there is no difference between a brush and a graphic palette since the tools themselves they do not represent a stimulus for personal creativity without artistic ability, there is no art.

 Photography biennial

Currently photography is considered as another art, just like painting, sculpture or design. More identified, since it is closer to people because whoever does not have a camera, a mobile phone or a Tablet with which to show that moment that is put in front of us that does not stop impacting us and that we do not let escape… 

We seek to express emotions, for its beauty and its perfect realization. Photographs that build their own story, a message. An ability to tell personal stories, ability to capture reality, to transform the image into a truthful testimony. You dare?