Actual exposition

* Oxande=rectángulo (en zulú)

I greatly admire figurative art, but what attracts me most are the geometries and chromaticism of abstract art, the compositions of shapes and colors that seem to be mixed without thinking. Everything has a reason, even the simplest work, requires an approach that is sometimes arduous and complicated. 

My work requires a lot of patience. A support, a ruler, a pencil and a calculator is what I need to start shaping my projects. I begin to paint by the color that stood out the most in what I saw, I liked and inspired. And from this begins the party and mathematics. 

Fiesta, because mixing colors is a pleasure, creating my own pantones, discovering shades, seeing contrasts, ordering them, playing with them, it's really fun. 

Mathematics is present throughout the creative process. I can't discount myself; same number of spaces per color, so many per column, so much less light tones, patterns or sequences, quantity that I need, etc, etc. 

My “oxandes*” may seem obsessive but working with them abstracts me from the real world, maybe one day I will let go and forget about the geometries but here I am enjoying what I do. In my own way I try to convey what I capture on my travels, the things I perceive, the colors, the touches, the shapes and, although it may seem pretentious, the thoughts, sensations, feelings and emotions.

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