Carmen Boixadors

Carmen Boixados

"I like to merge everything that I have at my fingertips, trying to overwhelm, surprise, achieve interactivity with the Public, making it fall in love with that image. I also play with the free placement of several of them, giving rise to a new way of looking an image that speaks for itself I like what I do, the research on the topics I touch, I live it and I try to make every project important and unique."
Pedro Tresguerres
Photography is contrast...

Pedro Tresguerres

Photography is contrast, it is showing from anonymity, it is patience seeking to capture the moment, it is putting one's own feeling trying to show that of another, it is telling stories without words.

"When I take a photograph I intend to show the world through my vision, to show what others have not been able to see, or what they have looked at and have not seen. To awaken a feeling, sometimes joy, sometimes sadness. If it makes you think, feel, remember... it will have been worth it."
Pepe Ventura
To be able to tell something about my hobby...

Pepe Ventura

... as, I have always been in love with images, their treatment, and above all how to transmit my state of mind to the viewer, so that the photo I show can make it their own with its own story. I am an eternal fan, in continuous learning... 

My ideal -I am far from it-, is to try to express more with less; universal elements that can be read by any human being. The common thread of any story is the loneliness of the small details, which at some point in time, shared joys and sorrows with its inhabitants - which are obvious in the photos - because I want to explain the script through objects, and landscapes of memory present in it.