Marisa Sanchez
Plastic artist born in Barcelona.

Marisa Sanchez

Strong and fighting woman who reflects in her paintings the strength and passion with which she focuses her life. We can see in her works how she investigates with various techniques, playing with textures and experimenting.

You will be able to see the world through her paintings, as well as she sees it, claiming both human rights and those of planet earth.
Fernando Arribillaga
classic art with a modern twist

Fernando Arribillaga

From his earliest childhood he enjoyed painting on any surface and material; decorating the walls of his house with doodles when no one was watching or creating his first “great work” on the wooden lid of a cigar box at the age of 5.
"A little later, I began training in the world of painting. The lines of my work, as well as the development of drawing and compositional capacity, hint at my journey through the Faculty of Architecture."
A little over four years ago, he decided to start capturing, this time on a canvas, what he had always created in notebooks.
It was then when that artistic feeling resurfaced with much more force and where the knowledge acquired has been shaped and transformed into the brushes, with which day after day he innovates again, investigating, recomposing, creating his own pictorial style with which the public begins to recognize it by my "identity spots."
maresme watercolorist

Esperanza García

My work is part of the observation and investigation of the form and color of places lived in the area where I live, the Maresme, or other geographical areas that have caught my attention either because of the color, atmosphere or composition, seen in different times of the year, and in which I try to capture more than the fidelity of the landscape in question, an area full of suggestive and unknown elements at first sight. 

Therefore, what I intend in my works is to invite the viewer to enter the tranquility of the forests, the sea... full of life, color and evocative elements. My works are mainly worked with mixed media on paper, and also with more traditional techniques and supports, such as oil and watercolor.

Pau Sintes
more than just a traditional landscaper

Pau Sintes

Always interested in the search for new expressive techniques, I take a new step forward as an artist in the desire for experimentation, with three-dimensional images that transcend the physical framework of the paintings, to project out the result of an inner work that transforms and distorts reality; a reality that, by the way, lives solely and exclusively in my imagination. 

Through a three-dimensionality that borders on artifice, I propose a game to the viewer. To provoke this implication, I try to trick the audience's eyes by playing with perspective like a trompe el oeil; all this, in coherence with my idea of transcending pictorial conventions and imprinting a personal stamp on my painting.

In this artistic effort loaded with playful intentionality, an unreal painting, full of fantasy and concessions to the imagination, intermingles with real forms that identify my commitment to the Menorcan landscape —always present in my works—, and with a certain Mediterranean tradition closely linked to light and color.

Josep Maria Viaplana
Why do I paint what I paint and why do I paint it that way.


"I have notebooks full of portraits and caricatures of all the characters on TV. There was a drawer in a silk cabinet where my mother kept two handfuls of photographs, tied with string and full of dust. I looked at them carefully. Serious looks , people dressed for Sunday. Men, women, families. People of all ages who posed in artificial settings. And their hands always caught my attention, because they were the hands of well-dressed working people to immortalize themselves.

The old materials, recycled from waste , or trunks, or forgotten attics, help me tell the stories, because they are the ones who tell their own stories and I am the one who helps them.

Burlap sackcloth that has been used to carry carob beans or almonds, shirts worn by the people I am portraying, old boxes that have taken fruit to markets, or disused shoes, or hoe handles, or hooks for hanging baskets, or dozens of objects recovered from storage rooms to give them a second life, a recognition of their work. Hanging them on dining room walls to form part of a work of art is more than recognition of a lifetime of work."