Marcelo Mendoça
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Marcelo Mendoça

My inspiration comes from three sources: sustainable art, the music and poetry of the Brazilian composer and poet Vinicius de Moraes -whose centenary of his birth this year- and the string literature of the northeast of Brazil. With regard to "sustainable art" I call it that because it is influenced by relevant environmental and social issues.

Each illustration seeks to reflect a pressing socio-environmental conflict in order to draw attention to the importance of preserving nature and the commitment to the social well-being of ours and future generations.
My line-base is inspired by the so-called string literature, an art that the Portuguese brought to Brazilian lands with the purpose of illustrating books and that used the woodcut technique. Although the basis of my work is this ancient art -schematic black and white human figures- the design also combines the colors of contemporary illustration and a recognizable touch of tropicalist inspiration in the Brazilian social atmosphere, the bossa-nova of Rio de Janeiro and, mainly, the Amazonian nature.