At Sky Gallery Arts we want to support small artisan artists with exhibitions and workshops.

Kusac Moisac
We are mosaic designers, artists and artisans.

Kusac Moisac

We work with this ancient technique in all its variants, using a wide range of materials, both traditional (ceramic, vitreous tesserae or glass) and innovative (metals, wood or minerals). We create complete spaces, focusing on everything that surrounds our works, not just the work itself.
We work hand in hand with the client to create totally personalized and unique spaces. Although we always start designing with paper and pencil, all our works go through a digitization process in a vector program once we have selected the sketches to start from.
This allows us not only to obtain optimized templates for printing in large format, but also a very approximate visualization of the final result of the work once it is finished. We are constantly researching new materials, which allows us to create surprising effects in our works.
Until now, we have worked with vitreous tessera, tile, glass, semi-precious stones, metals, marbles and pebbles. We hope that the list continues to grow and we can give our works that touch of exclusivity that we like so much.
PAssion for craft


I am in love with art and crafts by passion. Even though my studies are focused on music, I couldn't remember my life without tools in my hand. When I was young my father taught me to work with wood, since then I haven't let my ideas take shape with all kinds of materials. In 2007 an old window frame came into my hands, I reproduced the facade of a small town in the Pyrenees, with original and recycled materials.

Everyone liked the idea, so I continued with the project and today, mine "Doors" are scattered around the world. I really like the charm of the facades of the small towns of our geography with their irregular and worn stones . I also like to transform old objects and materials into precious garments.

The Doors of the Pyrenees have the seal of the Government of Catalonia "Emprentas de Cataluña".